Giants wide receiver Cruz is still plagued by a groin injury

Victor Cruz was hit when he was trying to return to the league’s best wide receivers.

Cruz continues to face difficulties after he missed the preseason opener due to a groin injury and was covered by the rookie Sterling Shepard in the lineup depth list. When Cruz returned to the personal training, coach Ben McAdoo told reporters that the injury was still bothering him, he will accept a reexamination.

Victor Cruz

Cruz is difficult to stay healthy once again to help the team, after the knee injuries in 2014 and rare calf injuries required surgery in 2015. Occasional injuries are becoming refractory injuries, but Cruz did not care for the injury this time and emphasized he was recovering slowly with his experience.

“No, I have been an injury in every year training camp,” Cruz told reporters on Tuesday,” The problem is either training with injuries or perplexes myself by cumulative injuries on the days of rest. Just feeling a bit tight. I just went to the training room, ice just fine. I do not feel sad. I just follow my body and make sure I will take the right way. I do not want to overlook something and then suffered major injuries.”